Importance of pricing strategy in today's housing market

I'm curious, have you been thinking of selling your house? If so, then tune in as I explain why your asking price matters now more than anything.
during the pandemic, sellers were pricing their houses higher than in previous years because demand was high and supplies were low. This year things are changing and transitioning towards more elva normal markets, which means you as a seller have to change your pricing strategy as well. Rest assured though, it is still a seller's market, and you will still get a lot of benefits if you price your house the right way according to the current market value. Houses that are priced correctly are selling within two to three week mark and for the full asking price. But beware that if the house price drops later on, then it will raise red flags for buyers who might wonder if it has to do something with the house or if the house is still overpriced. According to this market. Unfortunately, we see a lot of sellers that are not transitioning their expectations or adjusting them according to the market today, which causes them to lose a lot of precious equity. Hope this is helpful. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of Coffee for closers.

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