Are You Wondering If Real Estate Is Still A Good Investment

Real estate has been ranked the best investment for the last nine years in a row according to national real estate surveys, but with interest rates soaring and our market headed towards a recession. I mean is real estate still great investment and it is and let's talk about inflation really quick. So, recently, inflation is at its highest level in the last 40 years. And with inflation, you can see things across the board rising right goods are rising services are rising, home costs are rising, everything is rising. So with homeownership is actually the most important to know the financial benefit. Backing homeownership today than it ever has been. Right because when you secure that monthly payment for yourself on your home, you're essentially protecting yourself against rising rates on your biggest monthly budget item. Homeownership is a great hedge against inflation. So we have the amazing benefit of locking our monthly mortgage. Right. Are there any other benefits for owning your home during high inflation times? Yes. My favorite benefit is that your home is an asset right? And traditionally, assets rise even during inflation right as as your everyday goods.

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