Have a hard time finding the right home for you? This article is for you!

With a low number of homes for sale it can feel challenging, if not frustrating trying to find a home that checks all the boxes. So what does one do in today's market when trying to balance those wants and needs in their next home?

Well the first step is really simple, but it's probably the most vital step in this whole home buying process. Right and that's get pre approved. Now, with a pre approval we can actually understand our budget and with a good grasp of our budget, we can now break down the features that we really liked in our home.

You know, I see so many buyers. If you will,  putting the cart before the horse. They're creating these lists these features that they want in their home without realizing what budget they're going to be looking or shopping in, and also what features would even be included in those budgets. So with that being said, what's another step that someone can take when trying to evaluate and balance their wants and needs in their next home?

Another important but simple step I have all my buyers do is actually create a list of features you like and break them down into three categories, right? The first category is must haves. These are the features in the home that we can't live without. Now the second one is nice to haves. These are the features in the home if they're not there. Well it's not going to be a deal. Breaker but they are full the homes definitely a contender. And the third thing I really like to do is the dreamers list, right? So this is the list where you can go big you can think about the huge walk in closets. You can go ahead and look at the farmhouse style sinks, maybe even a pool. Now remember if the home has all of your must haves a few of your nice to haves and maybe one or two your dream list is probably a good indicator of the home's right for you. 

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