Hi, my name is Medina with The Camara Group, and I'm coming to you with another episode of the market minute. So let's get started! Today we're diving into Manteca market. The IP number that I came across or the listing number back in November last year, we had only 59 homes available for sale. Fast forward today, and we have 167 homes available in the market. Yes! That's a pretty great jump. And what that does to the home prices it's even bigger. The medium sold pricing in Manteca has dropped for 101,000 in the last six months. For you by now it's the time to act! The sweet deal that you were looking for seems to be everywhere these days and you can negotiate some pretty rate terms for you seller don't sweat too much. The interest rate has dropped by more than 1% in the last 30 days, meaning, the buying demand will increase no competition on homes. Once more, my name is Medina and thanks for tuning into your market minute.

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