Hey, how's it going, everybody? I'm coming at you with another episode of the market minute. And today, we're going to be talking about the Manteca market. So let's jump right into it. In today's immune ticket, the average days on market has more than doubled from eight days all the way up to 17 days. Also, the average list price of Antigua has decreased from $727,000 to $670,000. Now, does this mean the sky is falling and that home prices are going to crash? Absolutely not. Because in that same 90-day period, we saw the average sold price of homes and Manteca go from 630,000 all the way up to 640,000. So what does this mean for our market? Well, you can't just throw an unrealistic list price on your home and still expect it to sell because we have more inventory on the market and a lot more options to choose from. But if you list your home according to the market, homes are still selling on average of Manteca in 17 days and the average sold price is also still increasing. That is your market minute for Manteca. I hope you all take care and have a great day!

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