Welcome back to another episode of Market Minute. Today we're gonna be jumping right into that stock market. So let's get into it. Over the last three months, we've seen the average days on market and stock then go from 17 days to 16 days. So what does that mean? It means the average home and starting was gone pending in about 16 days. Another thing we ended up noticing was the average list pricing Stockton go for 563,000 to 529,000. Now what does that mean? That means the sky is falling and home prices are finally crashing? No, absolutely not. Because at the same time, we see the average sold price and Stockton and go for 477,000 to 485,000. So what does that mean for our market? I mean sellers. We can't be throwing unrealistic, unrealistic list price at our homes and still expect buyers to go for it. Because at the same time buyers have more options to choose from and more inventory forever if you list your home accordingly. We see home selling as fast as 16 days and we see the average sold price continue to rise.

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