Everyone, welcome back to another episode of Market minute. Today we're gonna be doing a 90-day forecast for the Modesto market. Back in March, we had 114 homes for sale. Fast forward to today we have 203 homes for sale. Now that's an increase of 89 listings. Second, let's talk about inventory. Back in March, we had two weeks' worth of inventory. Today, we have a month worth of inventory. And we do see that number increasing. Last but not least, let's talk about the average sold price in Modesto. That number was 487,000 Back in March, and today, that number is 503,000. Now, that's an increase of $16,000 for you homeowners. So what does that mean for you buyers? Are your buyers you guys have a lot more options to choose from when it comes to buying a home. But keep in mind, Holmes is still selling for 102% of that list price for you sellers. It's a great time to maximize on that amount of equity you guys should have now. But keep in mind the longer you guys do wait, the more competition you guys will have on market. 

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