Reasons why you shouldn't put your home buying process on hold

What is going on everybody? It's Andre Rocha with The Camara Group and welcome back to another episode of Coffee with closers. In today, I want to talk about an opportunity and not just any opportunity, but a very unique opportunity that you buyers can take advantage of. Now, I know the news and the media are doing a very good job of terrifying and clarifying what's going on. And I know interest rates are the highest they've been in quite some time. But here are three reasons why you shouldn't put your home-buying process on hold. First things first, let's talk about it now with homeowners putting their homes on the market. Paired with you know, lower buyer demand, we've seen an abundance of inventory I mean, you have the most to choose from then you've had house-wise in quite some time. Now when you have less competition and more to choose from it opens up opportunities, such as getting your closing costs paid for getting your interest rate bought down. And even it makes it a lot easier to negotiate repairs right. Now, the second reason, the second reason why you shouldn't wait is because, you know, mortgage trends have shown that interest rates may be softening going into 2023. And also we've been seeing some slow slowing in inflation. So with that happening, and those two kind of working with each other hand in hand, that means that we could definitely see a lot more buyer competition going into 2023, which means more multiple offer situations, you know, also bidding you know paying more for a house than you need to pay for a house. And a lot of the opportunities as far as getting seller credits and getting rates bought down. Those could definitely dry up and go away. Like I said, my name is Andre Rocha. That is your coffee with closers. But hey, if you have questions and you're on the fence or if you're currently looking to purchase a home, reach out to me I'd love to help you out in any way possible and kind of discuss in more details kind of the things that I covered today on today's episode of Coffee with closers. Like I said, I'm Andrei with the Camara group, you take care and have a good one.

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