What's This Weekend?! Episode 16

Welcome back to another episode of what I need some energy here right you're right. Oh my god boy did I need that hey, what's up everybody it's Andre Rocha and I got my sidekick Travis degree and welcome back to another episode of What's this weekend and this weekend we got three treats for you guess what starting off at John Thurman field in Modesto you got the nuts taking on the San Jose giants watching tonight baby Yeah, watch him throw some heat and hit some freakin daggers and Travis What do we got on Saturday, bro on Saturday in Stockton. We got that jazz festival happening in Stockton so everybody gets your Kenny G on and enjoy a nice time and smooth operator and on Sunday Andre What do we got going on and on Sunday holy free holy in downtown Tracy. We have the beam fest it's going to be a tuten time let me tell you and well that's all we got. That is weekend guys. So thank you for tuning in to another episode of What's this weekend sayonra, senioras and seniors!

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