What's This Weekend?! Episode 18

What is going on everybody? It is Andre Rocha. I got my sidekick Travis Daigre with me and welcome. Welcome. Welcome back to another episode of What's this weekend and this weekend? Let me tell you we got some things, Travis, starting tonight. What do we got going on? Well, tonight Andre September 9, in Stockton, we got this Stockton Greek Festival man I'm talking to Ooh, la la por Bachler via and I'll tell you I get really freaky for some homemade dizzy. Now, Andre, what do we got going on in on Saturday on Saturday? On Saturday? I'm so glad you asked. We have the Stockton brew Fest and just to be clear, they only serve beer what to do is grab a brew, okay, okay. I like that bro. ring to it. Now, Sunday, Sunday, me and Tika we have the fallen heroes car show that's going to be from 8am to 2pm. And while we're on the subject of fallen heroes, Sunday, September 11 21 years ago, we had the most tragic thing happen in our country. And I just want to take a moment to honor all of our first responders, public safety police officers, firefighters, EMS, and also the families that lost someone in 911. We appreciate your service so much. It's a very courageous thing for you guys to do. And we just want to take a moment to honor you. And thank you, you know, for your services. Like I said, I'm Andre we got Travis day agree? And this is your What's this weekend. Bye guys. Take care

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