What's This Weekend?! Episode 19

What is going on everybody? It is Andre Rocha and I got Travis Daigre here we got another episode of What's this weekend?! And this weekend we got some fun stuff but before we talk about what's going on this weekend. Travis, What do you got going on this weekend? Well, I'm gonna try to hit up all these activities we're about to talk about man, and but another thing NFL is back so you know we'll be watching the football and stuff about you man. What do you think you know I'm gonna get the goods in the woods. I'm going to head out to the California coast and go on a nice hike tomorrow in Big Sur so I'm super excited about it. But anyways, let's talk about what's this weekend so starting off with tonight what do we got tonight? We got Riverbank on deck guys. We got a concert in the park happening in riverbank guys now on Saturday or actually this whole weekend, Andre what else? We got? A family weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge here in Manteca. I heard it's a fantastic freakin' awesome, amazing. Great time. That sounds like a good awesome, amazing, great time. Right right. And lastly, what are we doing on? Well, I think it's on Saturday actually. Yes, it is Saturday on the train in Modesto. We got a street fair in the plaza. So go out there guys get some good food and have a great time with the family and enjoy this nice weather we have this weekend. Yes, seriously. It's not 1005 degrees. Amen to that seriously. So anyways, my name is Andrei. We got Travis de GRI and welcome back and thank you for tuning in to another episode of What's this weekend. Peace.

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