What's This Weekend?! Episode 20

How's it going everybody? It's Andre Rocha with The Camara Group and welcome back to another episode of What's this weekend! But before we get started yesterday was the first official day of autumn. And you know, that means pumpkin spice and everything nice. And let me tell you oh my God that tastes amazing! Anyways, Travis won't be here with us today. We miss you Bubba but the show must go on. But I got three things for y'all today, or should I say this weekend. First off it the blooming camp ranch over in Oakdale over the weekend. We have the harvest Fest and poker run going on tomorrow night in Escalon. We have the Escalon wine and beer stroll. That's going to be a fantastic amazing, fun, awesome time. And then on Sunday, we have the sounds of the Valley Music Fest going on over in Modesto. So there are three things for you all going on this weekend. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Have a fun time, and we will see you next time on next week's episode of What's this weekend. Peace 

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