What's This Weekend?! Episode 21

What is going on everybody? It's Andre Roach with The Camara group and I got my sidekick Travis Daigre with me and welcome welcome back to another episode of What’s this weekend?! Now, this weekend we have three things for you. Three things, starting off in Modesto Travis what are we got going on?

We have the winter wonderland parade in Manteca.  It is beautiful, so take the family get some hot cocoa and watch Santa Claus and all the beautiful things in the parade going down last but not least though; Travis What do we got going on in the Lincoln Center?

Well it is that time of year guys and you know there should be no families that go without so in Lincoln Center on Saturday they have the food drive. So please get out there and donate what you can and you know help some families in need.

Well, hey guys, that was your was this weekend. Peace.

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